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People don’t usually visit our about us page. Now that we can see that you have, our analytics team has notified that you have, and our team is probably circling the office in joy.
If we were to speak in business jargons, ‘OikotaanTees’ is a subsidiary brand under  Global Gates International which focusses on providing custom print solution to its customers in D2C and B2B model. In easier words’
Have you ever seen a design and said, ‘Damn I wish I had a T-shirt of that’, well basically we bring you a step closer to changing it to reality. Here is an unnecessary diagrammatic illustration of the same.

Buy from OikotaanTees

A Global Gates International group of Company

Why the name Oikotaan?

India is a country where there is ‘Unity in Diversity’. Diversity has always been celebrated in this country; hence our apparels are meant to celebrate that feeling. We are not a lot of politically correct people, and we apologize for the same in advance hence the term Oikotaan, which means unity in Sanskrit. If you see that unnecessary diagram, it is also the union of the 2 products in the market (Hence Oikotaan as well).

The Team

A bunch of fun loving, creative, politically incorrect, music loving, geeky humans who have a genuine passion for T-shirts and custom print products. It’s a small team currently graduated to having a store-room for its products and looking forwards to grow to a warehouse category. Our customer accolades should speak volumes of how we treat our customers. 

Team Led by Mr. Subhadeep Khasnobis as Head of Marketing our other team comprises of Ms. Sarmistha Mandal who leads the operations, Mr. Souradeep Khasnobis who leads Strategy & Audit, Mr. Subir Kumar Khasnobis who is the Head of Finance and Mr. Subham Bar who currently is our IT guy. Also, we have a group of state of the art Graphic Designers to support our customer requirement.

For Job or HR related queries email at hr@oikotaantees.in

For Marketing and Sales enquiry write us at marketing@oikotaantees.in

For Shipping related queries, feel free to write us at shipping@oikotaantees.in

For Emergency or regarding bulk query write us at info@oikotaantees.in

For accounts or finance related information write us at finance@oikotaantees.in